Emergency Readings


30 Minute Emergency Psychic Phone or Skype Voice Reading

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This 30 Minute Emergency Psychic Phone or Skype Voice Reading will take place within 36 hours after payment is received.  Kristen will reply to the email address listed with PayPal to arrange your appointment day and time.

IMPORTANT:  A Psychic reading answers your questions, connects with situations, emotions of people that are alive, etc.  A mediumship reading connects with individuals that have passed away.  *Please note: For Readings outside the continental United States of America - Skype must be used.

30 Minute Emergency Psychic Phone or Skype Voice Reading $125.00

Preparing For Your Appointment


Think of what you would like to discuss and questions before your session.  Possibly write them down.

If you will be speaking with Kristen during your appointment ->  1.  Please ensure that your environment will be quiet and not distracting.  2.  Please check that your phone or Skype is working properly.  3.  And please be on time.

If you have purchased an email reading with Kristen, please send any information requested as soon as possible.  After receiving the requested materials, you will receive your completed reading within 5 business days.

Be open to what comes through.  "Testing," negativity, or arguing about what Spirit is showing Kristen Leona BLOCKS Spirit and her abilities.  Any hostility or aggressiveness will be grounds to end the session, and no refunds will be granted.

Take notes during your session, write things down.  Something that doesn't make sense at that moment will more than likely become clear later.

Be aware of your appointment length and the time.  Kristen's schedule is busy.  If you need more time, you will need to schedule an additional appointment.

And finally, be open and receptive.  And enjoy your appointment!

Important Announcement

By purchasing and scheduling an appointment with Kristen Leona, you agree to her polices that are listed on this website.

ATTENTION:  Payment must be received BEFORE services will be rendered.