Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do home visits and investigations?

NO, I do not do home visits and investigations.

Do you do in person readings?

At this time, I do NOT offer in person readings.  Readings available include: over the phone, via Skype Video or Voice, and email.  Thank you for your understanding.

Do you travel to locations and do Group Readings?

No, I do not travel to locations and do Group Readings.  My Readings are normally one on one with clients, and more personal.  I have found this to be beneficial for clients' healing.

What is the difference between a Psychic reading and a Mediumship reading?

A psychic reading answers your questions, connects with situations, emotions of people that are alive, etc.  A mediumship reading connects with individuals that have passed away.

Can you read as well over the phone, or does it need to be an in person session?

Speaking with you helps me to connect with your energy.  It doesn't matter if it is on the phone or in person.  Both will be of the highest quality sessions.

Can you read a photographs during our Skype or Phone Reading?

Yes.  You will need to email your photographs to me before your appointment time, and I will read as many as time allows.                                        

Can you send me a recording of my reading?

Yes, Mediumship Readings via Phone or Skype can now be recorded if requested BEFORE your appointment.  The large MP3 file (up to 90MB or larger) is sent as a Google Drive link to your email.  Clicking on this link (on a computer or smartphone) will allow you to listen to the recording and also download it if desired.  FREE with purchase of any Mediumship Reading via Phone or Skype.  Not available for Mediumship Photograph Readings via Email.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Sessions are recorded ONLY if requested BEFORE your appointment.*

Regarding a Photograph Reading, can the picture have more than one person in it?

Yes.  The photograph may have more than one person in it, and I will focus on the subject of the reading.  The requirements for the photographs are:  crisp and clear, eyes visible (ex. no sunglasses), NO alterations (cropping is OK), and NO filters (this disrupts the energy I receive from the photograph and alters the reading).

What kinds of work have you done?

In addition to providing private sessions for clients, I have written for 2 magazines - the most recent is Bellesprit Magazine.  I have been a guest on numerous and varied radio programs, providing readings for listeners on air.  And, I have in the past and am currently assisting families with missing person's cases. 

Can I purchase a reading for someone else?

Yes!  You may either purchase and schedule their appointment for them OR send an email to so that we can discuss other options for your gift.

Do I need to schedule an appointment before a sale ends?

No, to get a sale price, purchase your session during the sale.  Your appointment may be scheduled for a later date.

Do you do introductory questions?

No, I do not do free questions leading up to a paid reading.  To do this, I have to open myself up to Spirit to answer your questions.  This is a reading.

Do you do FREE readings? What if I just send one question?

NO, I do not provide FREE readings.  If I'm on the radio, callers will have one free question answered.

Important Announcement

By purchasing and scheduling an appointment with Kristen Leona  AND OR purchasing a Gift Certificate, you agree to her polices that are listed on this website.