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"Kristen's reading was right on target.  As I read through her report, I was astounded at the clarity it brought me.  She gave me insights on who I am and why I do the things I do that I would have never seen from the inside looking out.  She touched my soul and helped bring me peace in areas where peace was needed."  ~ Jaimi

"Kristen has a wonderful gift of being able to read energies from photographs.  Her readings are insightful, caring and accurate.  I highly recommend!"  ~ Dana

"Kristen your reading of my parents was so touching and well I just can't find the words.  You brought me so much peace and understanding.  Thank you so much!"  ~ Liz

"Kristen is the real deal.  She did a mediumship reading for me of my brother and it was spot on.  I highly recommend her!"  ~ Renay

"Kristen, you are so gifted!  Thank you so very much for connecting me with my dad again.  I feel peace knowing he is still with me, thanks to you."  ~ Caprice

"Kristen is not just a reader she truly cares about giving you a quality service.  Kristen comes from a very loving place without ego and that keeps her light not only bright but powerful.  My belief is that Kristen remains humble and continues to cultivate her gift so she can help others in a time of doubt, pain and struggle.  Thank you for all you do."  ~ Michelle

"Kristen was amazing, she was exactly on point about my husband, she answered my questions and helped me realize things that I never knew before, also my brother came through and got to talk to him which made me heal and feel much better!! Thank you so much for giving me a reading!!"  ~ Victoria

"Wow what a great reading. Kristen you're amazing. Everything is right on can’t wait for my next reading.  Thank you"  ~ Charles

"Kristen’s photo readings are spot on. I was amazed at the details she was able to provide simply from a photo. Kristen asked simply for two questions. In addition to answering the questions, she provided details outside of the questions which were all extremely accurate. Being a Psychic/Medium myself, I highly recommend Kristen if you are seeking guidance."  ~ Kimberly

"Excellent validations and clarity when I need reassurance.  Thank You!"  ~ Van Doren

"Kristen did such an amazing job that it is now years later and I am still touched by my reading! I am looking forward to asking her for another one! She’s an amazing person as well! Thank you so much for helping me with my brother and finding some peace with it!"  ~ Jeanie