Join Clairvoyant and author Sandie La Nae on a journey through the psychic landscape of our region every other Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. (Pacific Time). Kristen Leona Miller's interview will air April 8, 2020.

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Gift Certificates are now Available!

Gift Certificates are now available!


Physical Gift Certificates are here!  Available for specific Services or monetary amounts, mailed to the recipient of your choice via the USPS with tracking (for the United States ONLY) within 2 business days of your purchase, expires ONE year from date of purchase.

To redeem:  Send Kristen Leona an email titled "Gift Certificate" to with the number on the "Authorized Signature" line.  Thank you!


Back of Gift Certificate


Mailed via the USPS, tracking included, within United States of America.


Audio Recordings of Mediumship Readings are now available!


Mediumship Readings via Phone or Skype can now be recorded if requested BEFORE your appointment.  The large MP3 file (up to 90MB or larger) is sent as a Google Drive link to your email.  Clicking on this link (on a computer or smartphone) will allow you to listen to the recording and also download it if desired.  FREE with purchase of any Mediumship Reading via Phone or Skype.

Not available for Mediumship Photograph Readings via Email.

*ATTENTION:  Sessions are recorded ONLY if requested BEFORE your appointment.*

Important Announcement

By purchasing and scheduling an appointment with Kristen Leona  AND OR purchasing a Gift Certificate, you agree to her polices that are listed on this website.