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"Oh, Kristen, I am so overwhelmed with feeling right now. All I can say is “Thank you!!!”  Chip always encouraged me to plant radishes each year, so this made me laugh out loud.  Actually, I am the book keeper in the family, he always told me how proud he was of my accounting abilities. And yes, Chip is the most loving, dedicated, hardworking and responsible man I have ever known. As I type this to you, I feel his presence very strongly and I feel his protective arms around me. And yes, he has a very special connection with his grandson, who has seen his spirit on several occasions. And you better believe that Chip could see right through people. I always felt so safe with him. Also, he definitely was extremely intelligent, and loved to do Sudoku puzzles. You got so many things “right on,” and I am so amazed and comforted by your reading. I feel his closeness and his love, and really needed this at this point in my life.  Yes, he is loving and wonderful. I am so blessed. Thank you so much!

OMG Kristen, I completely forgot. Prudy, Chip’s daughter, just reminded me about the rabbits and the rabbit hutch. That was very important to her. More feedback for you."  ~ Love Cindy

"Kristen Leona is a gifted and talented psychic and photo intuitive. Her ability to simply look at a photo without an interview is an indication to me that she has a true gift and in my case demonstrated that in all aspects of her review of my pictures.
 Kristen says, “I’m seeing her picking tomatoes from plants in a garden and handling them in a kitchen.  She is standing in front of a large white stove and is helping someone with canning.”
 This is exactly true as my mother planted a huge garden with herbs and tomatoes each year then taught me at a young age how to can them and dry everything from the herb garden. Yes, the old gas stove was white! Nora  
 Kristen: “Immediately after looking at this photo, the word “meditations” came to me.”
 I enjoy writing guided meditations from my adventures out in nature, so again Kristen captured that perfectly as it is a huge part of my life. Nora

Kristen:  “I’m being shown a raccoon – I think that it came up to the back deck and she made friends with it.”  
 Yes, there are many raccoons near my cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I named one Fido! We also have very friendly deer that come up to the deck or into the garage and eat apples directly from my hand. I have named most of them and the same ones return each weekend. I almost sent that picture to Kristen but without seeing it she knew…amazing!

May I send you an autographed copy of my new book Reiki Roundtable to reciprocate your kindness? I look forward to reading Bellesprit."  ~ Nora D’Ecclesis.  

"Thank you Kristen. The reading is very accurate and I would love to give you some feedback. When Merlin was a kitten he had ringworm from the cats where he was staying before I adopted him, so he needed antibiotic and cream. He still is playful and attacks me! Yes he is the boss. He is picky about certain cat food. He is very demanding and wants what he wants. But he is my baby and I do spoil him.

I became a healer before doing readings. I love nature and animals. In fact there are times I prefer animal companionship to humans. I am close with my family and enjoy spending time with them. I do have friends that I consider family. I am very natural and health conscious. I did go through some painful female issues that did not respond very well to western medicine. In fact diet, spiritual modalities, and emotional work cured it.



"This reading by Kristen really hit the nail on the head when it came to the photos of my mother whom she knows nothing about her except for the photos I sent her.  Everything she said was very true.  She was a single mom, she had breast cancer 3 times and ultimately passed away of lung cancer, so yes health problems have always been there among other issues lol!  I know she misses me and my son very much.  I was so glad she talked to you because I have been kind of sad because she comes to other people but not me.  The hospital picture was when my son was born, the happiest she was in her life even with health issues.  I would definitely have Kristen to another reading for me, this meant the world to me.  Thank you very much Kristen Leona!"  ~ Terilyn

"Than you so much!  You are correct!  I always thought that my daughter was my great grandmother spirit!  I love Pilates!  Being outdoors and I do fundraising for our AZ Cancer Center!  Thanks again.  God bless."  ~ Julie

"Kristen's reading was right on target.  As I read through her report, I was astounded at the clarity it brought me.  She gave me insights on who I am and why I do the things I do that I would have never seen from the inside looking out.  She touched my soul and helped bring me peace in areas where peace was needed."  ~ Jaimi

"Kristen has a wonderful gift of being able to read energies from photographs.  Her readings are insightful, caring and accurate.  I highly recommend!"  ~ Dana

"Kristen your reading of my parents was so touching and well I just can't find the words.  You brought me so much peace and understanding.  Thank you so much!"  ~ Liz

"Kristen is the real deal.  She did a mediumship reading for me of my brother and it was spot on.  I highly recommend her!"  ~ Renay

"Kristen, you are so gifted!  Thank you so very much for connecting me with my dad again.  I feel peace knowing he is still with me, thanks to you."  ~ Caprice

"Kristen is not just a reader she truly cares about giving you a quality service.  Kristen comes from a very loving place without ego and that keeps her light not only bright but powerful.  My belief is that Kristen remains humble and continues to cultivate her gift so she can help others in a time of doubt, pain and struggle.  Thank you for all you do."  ~ Michelle

"Kristen was amazing, she was exactly on point about my husband, she answered my questions and helped me realize things that I never knew before, also my brother came through and got to talk to him which made me heal and feel much better!! Thank you so much for giving me a reading!!"  ~ Victoria

"Wow what a great reading. Kristen you're amazing. Everything is right on can’t wait for my next reading.  Thank you"  ~ Charles

"Kristen’s photo readings are spot on. I was amazed at the details she was able to provide simply from a photo. Kristen asked simply for two questions. In addition to answering the questions, she provided details outside of the questions which were all extremely accurate. Being a Psychic/Medium myself, I highly recommend Kristen if you are seeking guidance."  ~ Kimberly

"Excellent validations and clarity when I need reassurance.  Thank You!"  ~ Van Doren

"Kristen did such an amazing job that it is now years later and I am still touched by my reading! I am looking forward to asking her for another one! She’s an amazing person as well! Thank you so much for helping me with my brother and finding some peace with it!"  ~ Jeanie

"Kristen's reading with me was spot on. She made me feel relaxed, no question went unanswered and she is such a kind soul. Her ability to connect with those who have passed over as well as her ability to have such insight with the person she is reading is phenomenal!  I highly recommend her. If you are looking for answers, Kristen is the teacher you need!"  ~ Julie

"I had been thinking about my grandma so much. I just wanted to hear what she thought on things. Turns out my neighbor that was like a grandma visited to say “hi”. I knew exactly who that was. Then grandma came through and made me laugh and feel so much better! My grandpa was doing his usual and my other grandpa confirmed things I knew. He was with my mom at all times. Especially in the car with her. My husband's grandpa came through and he as we figured was upset, one of our sons quit playing baseball. None of this Kristen would have known! I gave her only pictures. ❤️"  ~ Michelle

 "Thank you so much Kristen for the awesome reading!! It’s amazing how perfectly you described me and your insight into the questions I asked have really put me at ease. You definitely have a true gift 🙏



"Kristen helped me in a reading she was dead on!"  ~ Deborah

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